diana shpungin & nicole engelmann
two piece band 2009
16 channel version
continuous loop dvd projection

video stills from 16 chanel installation

Two Piece Band is a multi projection installation consisting of 16 individual videos. Together the projections create two bodies in an abstracted composition. The fragments act as individual sculptural works that employ sound and rhythm. Each video focuses on a single body part used as an instrument; the sounds are created in both natural and invented ways. They are produced in playful, physical and determined action. It is unclear which body parts belong to whom and the composition becomes as entire sculptural element with many facets. The body fragments are framed against color field backgrounds with each of the works fading in and out from their respective fields.

The lengths of the individual tracks range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and are often looped. These varying lengths, including stops and starts create an ever-changing visual sound-scape. Crescendos, Sound bridges, rhythm changes, pauses, stops and interruptions create an abstracted composition.

Two Piece Band is a flexible symphony, which depends on the pairing of the individual projections and order and timing of their play. Each installation embodies unique characteristics and interpretations of the work with varying compositional arrangements.

The projections are orientated on varying axis. Some of the pieces are flipped at 90 degrees or 180 degrees and others remain true to the original shot. Projected at varying scales from full wall height to small photographic scales. Sounds levels are also played at different levels to create layering within the installation.